WELCOME ONE AND ALL to Chavara Darsan CMI Kindergarten

The word 'Kindergarten' literally means 'children’s garden'. Every child
is, therefore, taken care of and nurtured like plants in this garden. Along
with parents, who are really the first teachers in educating the child, we see
that transition of a child from home environment to school environment
is made as smooth as possible. We follow 'Learning by Doing' method
through creative activities in order to meet the developmental needs of children.
As part of our vision, a child is motivated to learn with pleasure to
be spiritually oriented, socially acceptable, physically healthy, emotionally
balanced, environmentally sensible, verbally sound, logically alert, artistically
talented and rhythmically graceful. Here, all 'play, learn and grow
together' and become beloved children of God and parents. A few areas of
learning experiences are :
1. Social Development
  •   Enable children play, learn and grow in groups
  •  Help children make friends with peers.
  •  Share, bear and care for others.
  •  To be aware of socially acceptable behaviour
  •  Be at home while away from home
2. Physical Development
  •  Explore basic locomotor movements and apply manipulative
skills. (walk, run, jump, gallop, skip, slide, bend / stretch, push /
pull, twist / turn, swing / sway, throw, catch, kick, strike etc.,)Importance of health, cleanliness and hygeine.
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3. Emotional Development
  •  Cultivation of emotional intelligence.
  •  How to be at home when separated from parents
  • Build up self - confidence and self - control
  •  A sense of individuality
4. Intellectual Development
  •  Acquire knowledge through observation, exploration and experiments.
  •  Develop ideas through varied media like picture, action songs, story,
           modelling, imitation.
  •  Ability to listen, read and visualize
  •  To find out similarities and dissimilarities
5. Creative Development
  •  Express personal ideas and feelings
  •  Take part in dancing, music and skits
  • Puzzles, Magic Squres
6. Numeracy
  •  Touch and count objects
  •  Sorting items by size, shape
  •  Talk about size and relationship
  •  Talk about time - yesterday, today and tomorrow
  •  Develop mathematical ideas and reasoning
  •  Comparing quantities
  •  Explore patterns and shapes
  •  Number sense
  •  Counting forward from 0 to 100
  •  Go beyond rote counting
  •  Connect numbers to real life situations
  •  Recognizing and writing numerals 0 to 100
  •  Skip counting by 5 and 10
  •  Counting backwards from 20 to 0
  •  Reading numerals from 0 to 100
  •  Performing simple data collection
  •  Naming geometric shapes (circle, square, triangle, rectangle, cone,
sphere, oval and cube)
 Addition and substraction
7. EVS
  •  sorting materials by colour, shape, size, weight etc.
  •  Differentiating between living and non living things
  •  Describe seasonal changes
  •  Developement of five senses to maximum
  •  Identification of plants and animals
  • v Safety, Transportation, Family, Good habits and manners
8. Literacy
  •  Listening, speaking, reading and writing activities
  •  Verbal interaction with their peers
  •  Letter identification
  •  Reading out rhymes, stories, etc
  • Letter- sound relationships
  •  Letter formation (lower and upper case letters)
  •  Drawing a picture to convey meaning
  •  Hold and control a pencil correctly
The school will be conducting regular assessment. Worksheets of assessment
will be sent to parents regularly. This will help to monitor general
day-to-day progress of the child. Report on periodical assessment of the
child will be given to parents at the end of each term.

Chavara Darsan CMI Kindergarten is a preschool educational instituion owned and managed by St. Josephs's Monastery koonammavu of  CMI  Sacred Heart province ,Kochi.Parents/Guardians  who seek admission for their child in this school may download the application form by clicking the button "APPLY NOW" on the home page of  the website, fill in the relevant columns,take a print out  and submit to the officeby post or send it to E-mail:
 A Kindergarten with a difference

 The word 'kindergarten' literally means "children's garden".Every child is, therefore,taken care of and nourished like  plants in a garden.We try to provide an intellectually stimulating environment to children.we follow "Learning by Doing' method through crative games. A child is here guided to have hands-on  experiences in  many activities connected with areas of his/ her  development. A child is motivated to learn with pleasure to be spiritually oriented, socially acceptable, physically healthy,logically alert,environmentally sensible,verbally sound,artistically talented and rhythmically graceful.
Age Limit:
Minimum age limit for LKG admission is 4  years as on the first day of June of the acdemic year in which admission is sought. It may be noted that a  relaxation of 2 months is allowed from the minimum age rule subject to the approval by the Education Department.